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IC Inbox

[Sorrow's voicemail is quiet and stern.]

Leave a message for me and I'll respond when I'm available.

[[ooc: for time sensitive requests, feel free to contact me at [ profile] raelet for pre-approvals!]]
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[voice] (22nd)

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[About a day after the patrons have recieved their blessings:]

Have a proposition for you.
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Not to take any thunder from Delight-- [Too soon?] --but got to thinking over the last few days...

Managing the bar wasn't so bad. Actually, um. Sort of liked it? Would like to keep it going, but the only problem is a lack of supplies and some equipment and stuff. Was also thinking of something less like a bar and more of a stage lounge, for anyone who's more musically inclined. [Unlike Rey and, well -- more like her girlfriend. Maybe.]

In return, it'd be helpful to you as well. You wouldn't have to manage it, and we can provide all the brew once we have everything we need. Alcohol is a depressant, too. Not that it makes you sad, but if you drink while in a certain mood, it tends to heighten that emotion. So with the right atmosphere, right music, right disposition...

It's a win-win, really.
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[At least she's used to harsh. Pretty much expects it from someone like Sorrow.]

Not really. Am saying you simply supply the means for a lounge -- and allow us to be in charge of replenishing the resources with them ourselves. Self-reliance.

Unless there is something else you'd like in return.
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Yes, am familiar with the process, as are a few others who are interested in working on it.

You don't have to do anything. Just give us the means of fixing the place up the way we need it, and we'll do all the work. Hell, all things considered it'll keep us busy and we could use the distraction.
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[This comes as both a surprise and a relief, despite it being Sorrow.]

...Thank you.

Will send you a list of things. Everything else after that, we can handle on our own.